About Us

Local Services Reviews was created to help local businesses take charge of their own reputation by offering a place for their customers to go and leave an honest evaluation of the services they received.

After working with dozens of local businesses over the years to improve their online search rankings, we noticed that several of them had terrible online reviews in places like Google +,  Yelp, Angies List, and many others.  So, even though we were helping them move up in the search results, more and more people were seeing their bad reviews and choosing not to call or visit their business.

We found that the business owners were never informed of these bad reviews and therefore could not respond to them or get in touch with the customer to make it right.

After spending lots of time and money trying to get in touch with the upset customers, with not much luck, we knew we had to come up with a better solution.

One that would allow the customer to honestly voice their opinion, while giving the business owner the chance to be informed of any bad reviews and  do something about it to make it right.

We believe we have come up with best solution possible.

A complete reputation management system that allows customers to leave their reviews, share them on all their favorite social media sites, and even get rewarded after leaving a review.

While at the same time, informing the business owner of new reviews, good or bad.  As well as a social monitoring option, that keeps a look out for any mentions of their business across the entire web, and even imports good reviews from other key websites.

Get in touch with our customer service agents and start taking control of  your reputation today.